Commercial Property Owners and Managers

Energy Savings make cool roof investment a great deal for tenants and owners

We a have a cool roof system that will pay for itself with energy savings of 30-35% and has up to a 20 year waterproof warranty.  This is something of value for the building owner and tenant.

    • For the tenant:  if your lease is more than 3 years, the cost of the cool roof should pay for itself in less than 3 years and save you money for the rest of the lease term
    • For the property owner:  you can amortize roof cost into the lease as TI or they may pay for the roof on what they save in utilities and as the owner you get a restored roof with 20 year waterproof warranty.
    • With energy savings of 30% or more per month the cost of the restoration cost can be recouped as quickly as 2.5 years and the tenant could would realize by the end of a 5 year lease term.

Our liquid applied systems will change an old roof to an energy efficient roof with energy savings of 20%-30%.  Our program is centered around buildings with roofs installed or built prior to 2015.  We convert modified bitumen, built up, EPDM, ballasted, tar and gravel and metal roofs to  energy efficient systems.  Your cooling costs will be lowered as a result of improved climate control.  Our goal is to provide a cost effective energy efficient roof solution.

Our solution will convert your roof to a green, energy efficient, reflective roof that is resistant to UV breakdown without the need to disrupt your business with noise, trash, VOC’s and costly code upgrades at a cost that can be quickly amortized.

Liquid Applied Roofing:

  • seamless monolithic membrane waterproofs your roof
  • costs 1/2 or less the price of a roof replacement
  • can be installed in 1/3 the time of a roof replacement
  • extends the life of your roof 20 years or more
  • will overcome design flaws
  • up to 30 year labor and material warranties
  • outlasts other membrane systems by 10 times
  • unaffected by long-term UV exposure
  • unaffected by ponding water and temperature extremes

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Substituting a weathered cool white roof (solar reflectance 0.55) for a weathered conventional gray roof (solar reflectance 0.20) yielded annually a cooling energy saving per unit conditioned roof area ranging from 3.30 kWh/m2 in Alaska to 7.69 kWh/m2 in Arizona (5.02 kWh/m2 nationwide)…and an energy cost saving ranging from 0.126/m2 in West Virginia to  1.14/m2 in Arizona ( 0.356/m2 nationwide) – Springer science article on 20% savings for businesses with a white roof


According to the EPA a California study found that cool roofs provide an average yearly net savings of almost 50 cents per square foot. –

The government Office of Scientific and Technical Information study shows that coating roofs white reduces summertime average daily air-conditioning electricity use from 2– study