Why Roof Coating? Here are 10 reasons why

Roof Coating: is a cost-effective solution for your roof that provides a seamless monolithic leak free membrane.  Coating is 100% deductible the first year, coating 1/2 or less the cost of other solutions, can be installed in 1/4 the time of a roof replacement and coating offers the same labor and material warranties and offer 20%, 30% or more in utility savings.

  1. Coating is 1/2 or less the price of roof replacement
  2. Energy saving green roofs reduce your air conditioning costs by lowering your roof temperature by 50° or more
  3. Seamless single membrane unlike other systems that are welded, glued or mechanically attached
  4. Installation does not interrupt business processes; minimal noise, trash and debris during installation
  5. Coating does not require you to remove the existing roof so you do not have to comply with the new code upgrade requirements
  6. Extends the life of your roof
  7. Overcome metal and other design flaws
  8. Installation time 1/3 the time of roof replacement, days not months
  9. Fix ‘island roofs’ that are normally inaccessible or cost prohibitive to reach
  10. Warranties including labor and material are available for up to 20 years

Types of Coating

  • Silicone: an Eco-friendly system made from a naturally occurring organic substance, silicone (Si on the periodic table). Silicone has been proven for over 7 decades to provide a water proof system that out lasts some other systems by up to 10 times and Silicone is unaffected by long-term UV exposure, ponding water and temperature extremes. Also because it is naturally occurring silicone is environmentally friendly with low VOC (meaning low in toxic chemicals and smells).
Silicone Coating on a Modified Bitumen Roof

Modified Bitumen after Silicone Coating

Modified Bitumen Before Coating

Modified Bitumen Before Coating

  • Acrylic:  was originally developed as a paint in the 1950’s, but since has been modified to be more elastic, resistant to UV and repel water.  Acrylic has been refined and used as a roofing product with great success since the late 1970’s  However, it is a water soluble product and is better used on sloped roofs versus silicone with is an incredible solution for flat/low slope roofs that are more likely to have ponding water.

Metal Prior to Coating

Metal Roof After Acrylic Coating

We do roofing coatings throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and the United States.  We offer green energy star roofs that are energy efficient, tax deductible and cost effective alternative to roof replacement.

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