Roofs and resale

The selection of a roof can acutally add to the resale value of your home or business. A bad or faulty roof can actually hurt the resale value or even ruin the transaction and stop the sale. Maybe you hadn’t considered the roof, well it makes a difference.

If it’s a residence the primary reason, besides it not leaking and it being insurable is that a roof adds resale value to your home if it is more attractive. Realtors call It curb appeal. Landscaping and roofing are the two most dominating features of your home. If they don’t stop the car, you won’t sell the house, no matter what you’ve done on the inside! A roof can also add value if it is hail resistent and most insurance companies offer a discount for a class iv hail resistant roof.

If you have a commercial property the roof system not only keeps the building leak free, but if it has a warranty it will add to the value of your building. Fixing the leaks or adding a new roof system doesn’t necessarily mean it has to cost you an arm and a leg. We have cost-effective roof solutions like coating and can offer you up to a 20 year labor and material warranties just like a complete roof replacement at a fraction of the cost!

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